Protect Your Children From Parental Alienation in Divorce

Jun 24, 2022

If you think your child has been the victim of Parental Alienation in Divorce, you may want to seek legal advice. Unfortunately, it can be a complex issue. In fact, parents who are guilty of parental alienation often use their children as pawns to manipulate the other parent and gain more child support money. In these cases, the children are not only harmed by alienation, but the parent who has the alienating intent will likely suffer a more financially stressful divorce.

One way to protect your children is to ensure joint custody. This way, both parents will be involved in their children's lives. If the children feel they must choose sides, they may feel guilty for spending time with the other parent. In such a case, joint custody is a good solution. If parental alienation has already occurred, you will need to be persistent and work hard to repair the damage. It is vital that you do not let the situation escalate.

If your child is subjected to parental alienation, it may affect custody or visitation schedules. This is one of the most pressing concerns for Family Courts. It will likely have serious consequences for your ex-spouse's parental rights and child support obligations. Therefore, it is essential to seek legal advice to prevent this from occurring.

You can also protect the well-being of your children by hiring a good divorce attorney.

Despite the stress of a divorce, the emotions of your child can be equally stressful. If your child refuses to meet with either parent, it may be a sign of parental alienation in divorce. This is when one parent manipulates their child into defaming the other parent. The result is emotional rejection of the targeted parent. This also makes your child feel like they are no longer a parent.

Children often depend on their parents for emotional stability. If one parent fails to be involved in their child's life, the children may perceive the other parent as less than acceptable and hostile. The children may even become afraid to see the other parent alone. As a result, parental alienation can have negative effects on their long-term mental health. When parents engage in this behavior, they are risking the welfare of their children.

If you are worried about parental alienation, you should seek legal advice. Parents who are guilty of parental alienation should consult a divorce attorney immediately. The longer you wait, the more likely the alienation will escalate and become worse. However, legal help can be an important factor in preventing parental alienation in divorce. As the situation progresses, you can use non-adversarial litigation, negotiation, mediation, and uncontested divorce as strategies to protect your child.