Quality of Life in Placerville, CA

Jul 20, 2022

If you're looking for a new home, consider the quality of life in Placerville. The city's median home value is $317,300, and the quality of life index scores reflect a diverse population. Whether you're looking for a walkable city or quiet suburban setting, Placerville, CA has plenty to offer. The US Census reports that Placerville, CA is home to around 108,000 people and the El Dorado County Chamber of Commerce reports almost 5,000 businesses.

While it's true that Placerville is in the heart of Northern California, it's also near the suburban sprawl at the base of the Sierra Nevada. In general, June, September, and May are the most comfortable months. December is considered to be the most uncomfortable month. However, if you're a Californian or American, Placerville's climate is not as extreme as it is in some parts of the world.

In the 1800s, Placerville's dark history is well-represented in the Hangman's Tree Saloon, where patrons can check out a dummy of a man hanging from a rope. This is believed to be the location where hangings were carried out. The barmen of the town can also share ghost stories with patrons. Among the fun things to do in Placerville are:

If you want to buy furnishings or furnish your home, you can find interesting items at places like Empress. Placerville is also home to the Red Hawk Casino, operated by the Single Springs Band of Miwok Indians. Located in a hilltop, it boasts spectacular views of the area.

If you're interested in moving to Placerville, you can check out Livability to get an idea of what the cost of living is like. Placerville has a population of 10967, and the median home value is $250,000. While there are a lot of places in the city, living in Placerville is a great decision for many reasons. There are many things to do in Placerville that you might not find anywhere else.

Placerville is an important town in California’s famed Mother Lode, the 120-mile gold vein discovered in the late 1840’s which became the site of the Gold Rush. Today, the region is better known for its the El Dorado Wine Country with visitor attractions, agriculture, and old-vine Zinfandel.

For those who prefer to be close to nature, Placerville, CA, is a great place to live. With over 80 campsites, picnic sites, and hiking trails, this city is the perfect destination for camping and picnicking. You'll be surrounded by scenic rivers, lakes, and streams, and there are plenty of places for you to enjoy the great outdoors. A short drive will take you to world class ski resorts at Lake Tahoe. You'll be surrounded by friendly people and a diverse range of activities to keep you busy and happy.